I help tech companies deliver their products

    this is achieved through:
  • Designing a forward looking architecture for your product
  • Developing the softwares of your product
  • Mentoring your team to the lattest best practices
  • 1
    is your tech performing as well as it could?

    Do your internal processes allow you to ship features as fast as you would like?

  • 2
    Is your product as reliable as you want?

    Unreliable products make bad user experience which leads to no recommendations. Building a trustworthy product is key to an effective marketing campaign.

  • 3
    does your product evolve as simply as you would like?

    Technical debt slowly kills projects. A product well designed from the start allows you to keep the tech debt under control.

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Working together


We start by defining your objectives and we can start working


Based on your needs, my engagement ranges from technical guidance to hands-on coding of your product

No lock down

All my work is documented and designed to be easy to understand by someone else

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work?

I specialize at the edge of electronics and computer science. Working on both sides of the fence, allowing me to correct the issues where they are instead of only where I have the ability to edit the code.

Can't I throw more engineers at the problem?

The right architecture makes your product easy to develop, even with a reduced team.

What techniques do you use?

I use the latest techniques for documenting and tracking the source code and each modifications. On top of that I use as much as possible continuous integration to detect problems as soon as possible.

Is your work guaranteed?

My work is guaranteed. If one week into the project you feel that my work was not satisfactory to your standards, I will refund you 100% of my fee.


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From an idea to a proof of concept

The beginning of a company.

Lets define the issue you want to solve and figure out wich will be the best way to attack this issue. I will design and develop the most basic way of implementing your idea.

You will end up with a system proving to anyone that your idea is solving the issue you are targeting. You will then be able to test it on future customers and demonstrate it to potential investors.

From a prototype to a minimalist product

The awakening of a product.

Lets think about your key users and how they want and will interact with your solution. I will then design and implement this vision into a product simple enough for anyone to use.

You will end up with a product you can produce in small quantities to start testing user's reactions at scale. This is a tangible manifestation of your vision, self explanatory in front of investors.

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Product enhancement

Let's iterate that product.

Your product is already being sold and you want to add new features and get rid of some of those pesky bugs. I will help you find the solution to those and implement them.

You will end up with a better, shinier product, making your customers and investor even more satisfied.

Let's figure out what you need

Brain storming.

Lets figure out what your are trying to solve, and in which manner technology can solve (or not) that issue.

You will end up with a full report describing your idea and what are the different angles to tackle the issues your are facing.

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