Rocket launch

For once let’s talk project management instead of pure code. I personally gets the urge to push my pocs too far and stepping out into the MVP world. Let’s define a boundary between those two worlds (this is an opinions and will obviously not be shared by everyone)


The POC and the MVP have something in common : they both are very ugly. The point on either of those steps of the project are not to be beautiful, it is to fulfill the one feature you have in mind.


The POC is usable only by it’s creator. And even for him/her, it is painful to make it work. The MVP on the other hand needs to be usable by anyone of your future customers. Plus they need to be able to use it by themselves, without any assistance.

Feature coverage

Both the POC and the MVP cover only the main core feature of your project. No fancy side features, only 1. That main feature is the one you need to test to see if you business is viable or not. Adding side features is something very very tempting for everyone involved. But if your core feature is shit, it will be a waste of time. The all point of this endeavor(POC and MVP) is to test your idea; not to develop the product (that comes later)


In your next project personal or professional, think about what are your goals with your current step of the project, do you want to build a full product, test if a feature could work, test the reaction of your users ? And adapt the steps to follow toward that goal and only that goal.